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How to Save $2000 on a 14-Day Trip: Become a House Sitter

About a year ago, I was making my daily rounds through the interwebz and discovered the concept of house sitting (thank you, forgotten travel blogger!). Highly intriguing to both me and Kyle, we almost immediately signed up to be members of Trusted Housesitters, a website that connects house sitters to homeowners. What an amazing decision […]

How to Start a Blog Step-by-Step Series, Part 1: Purchasing a Domain

I’m really excited to finally be sharing this with everyone, as it’s been on my agenda to create a super easy-to-follow (very hand-holdy), step-by-step guide on how to start a blog for a really long time! I suppose I just never had the proper venue on which to do it, but now that we’re digital nomads […]

FAQ: What does your week typically look like?

Click here for more frequently asked questions! We know there are at least a few people out there who think that we’re just having the time of our lives right now. And we are…just not in the way that they might believe. 😉 What our week typically looks like On a typical day, we will both wake up […]

FAQ: How much stuff do you have?

Click here for more frequently asked questions! How much stuff do we have? This is basically everything we have right now. I say “right now” because the amount of things we own is ever-changing. Not because we’re buying more stuff, but because we’re actually getting rid of it. That is to say that we used to […]

FAQ: How do you guys eat?

Click here for more frequently asked questions! How do we eat? With our mouths… Oh, you mean what are our eating habits? 😀 In one of our last FAQ posts, I mentioned how we only stay in hotels that have kitchens. It should go without saying that we cook…a lot. Hey, just because we’re traveling […]

Traveling Minimally

Before we left Utah, we did some major downsizing and stored most of our belongings at the parents house. And at the time, we made the best educated guess we could on what we would need during our travels. I can tell you that the day we left, we already knew we had too much stuff. […]

FAQ: Where do you stay?

Click here for more frequently asked questions! We often get asked where we stay and how we decide where to stay when going to a new city. We prioritize landing house sitting gigs since they save us a lot of money, but in between gigs we stay in hotels or Airbnbs – typically opting for the cheapest […]

FAQ: How do you plan where to go?

Click here for more frequently asked questions! “So where you headed next?” This is probably our number one asked question, and as always, the answer really just depends on a few things. Since we started traveling, house sitting has been our main strategy for saving money on accommodations. Because it’s such a great deal for both […]

From NYC to Little Rock and Beyond

What? We still have a blog?! Yeah. Things have been pretty crazy the past two months since we last blogged. Tryin’ to think… Oh, right. Here are some of our numbers since we left New York City on December 1: 6 cities stayed in (Philly, Roanoke, Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock) 8 beds slept in 5 dogs […]

Know the Whole Story With 360-Degree Photos and Videos

What’s the point of traveling? To see new things, and to observe all the elements that make up a place, right? Ever since we left on our journey, it has been our goal to share everything [interesting] that we see with our followers and friends and family back at home in the form of pictures […]

New York City, You Beautiful Mess

Real talk. After living in New York City for three months, all I can say is… That city is a complete mess. There’s garbage in the gutters and putrid smells of god-knows-what, the traffic and traffic systems are terrible, trying to find parking is even worse, double-parkers and no-apparent-reason-honkers drive you insane, the hipster restaurants […]

An Ode to Slice

Oh, Slice. How we love you. How we will miss you so. You’re so unhealthy, but we don’t care. Oh, Slice. How we will miss you so. Not pictured: the 30 gazillion other times we ate pizza while in New York.

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