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How to Save $2000 on a 14-Day Trip: Become a House Sitter

About a year ago, I was making my daily rounds through the interwebz and discovered the concept of house sitting (thank you, forgotten travel blogger!). Highly intriguing to both me and Kyle, we almost immediately signed up to be members of Trusted Housesitters, a website that connects house sitters to homeowners. What an amazing decision […]

How to Start a Blog Step-by-Step Series, Part 1: Purchasing a Domain

I’m really excited to finally be sharing this with everyone, as it’s been on my agenda to create a super easy-to-follow (very hand-holdy), step-by-step guide on how to start a blog for a really long time! I suppose I just never had the proper venue on which to do it, but now that we’re digital nomads […]

Know the Whole Story With 360-Degree Photos and Videos

What’s the point of traveling? To see new things, and to observe all the elements that make up a place, right? Ever since we left on our journey, it has been our goal to share everything [interesting] that we see with our followers and friends and family back at home in the form of pictures […]

New York City, You Beautiful Mess

Real talk. After living in New York City for three months, all I can say is… That city is a complete mess. There’s garbage in the gutters and putrid smells of god-knows-what, the traffic and traffic systems are terrible, trying to find parking is even worse, double-parkers and no-apparent-reason-honkers drive you insane, the hipster restaurants […]

An Ode to Slice

Oh, Slice. How we love you. How we will miss you so. You’re so unhealthy, but we don’t care. Oh, Slice. How we will miss you so. Not pictured: the 30 gazillion other times we ate pizza while in New York.

How to Run an Amazon FBA Business as a Digital Nomad

Whether you’re already selling on Amazon or not, you’ve probably already realized that this business requires hands-on, manual labor. Depending on your goals, this may not turn out to be an ideal business for you. As a digital nomad that moves around frequently, running an Amazon FBA business like this poses some challenges for me. […]

Amazon FBA 101 – How to Sell on Amazon (The Process of Selling)

In my first post I introduced Amazon FBA and the pros and cons of being an FBA seller. Yesterday, I talked about all the aspects of sourcing for inventory. Today I would like to go into more detail about the rest of the process of how to sell on Amazon. How to sell on Amazon – the […]

The Faces of History at The Met

Look at their eyes. So lifeless but yet, so alive. What have they seen? What do they know that we do not?

Amazon FBA 101 – Sourcing Inventory

In my last post I introduced Amazon FBA and the pros and cons of being an FBA seller. Today I would like to introduce the basic process of selling, but specifically focus on how to source inventory and what aspects you need to keep in mind when sourcing. (In the next Amazon FBA 101 post, […]

Amazon FBA 101 – What is Amazon FBA?

If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, you’ve probably heard me mention Amazon FBA here and there. Two months ago, I even wrote about some of the things I learned with my first shipment as an Amazon FBA seller…but I just now realized that I haven’t really explained what that means, so I’d […]

A Perfect Fall Afternoon at Central Park

Sunday, fall, my love, and sightseeing. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day 🙂

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